principal's MESSAGE

Principal of Best english medium school sunnyside school uttara dhaka

A school is thought to concern human life in a certain phase only. However, it is much more than that. It is essentially the “theatre” which all he scattered thing of the universe are displayed in unison. It provides its pupils with the possibilities of continuous reading and speaking even when it is silent. Because of this, although it seems to occupy one phase of life. actually school dominates all time and events. Each pupil joining the school reflects during his whole life. What he has learned in it derives continuous benefits there from. What is learned or acquired at the school may either be imagination and dreams or skills and realities, but the important thing here is that everything acquired must, in some mysterious way, be the key to closed doors and a guidance to the way of virtue. 


Although biologically, all human beings are equal their actions and apprehensions are divided. The divisions are obviously due the mind and educations precisely is the polish of the mind. Sunnyside school was established to polish the talented youth and “Hopefully” it will do its best to prove worthy in the field of educational institutions in Bangladesh.